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Lucky - 2 years old
Lucky - 2 years old

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about us 

"Hope of deliverance from the darkness that surrounds us..."

-Paul McCartney 

Hope of Deliverance is dedicated to being the voice for the voiceless. Our mission is to partner with rural animal shelters, specifically those with low or no veterinary care available at the shelter, to save as many dogs as possible.we aim to do so by tightening the rescue community. 


Hope of Deliverance will provide preventative care to these shelters, such as funding for vaccinations, microchips, and spay and neuter procedures directly at the shelter before adoption, as well as this care for the dogs we pull from the shelter who go into our foster homes. Our focus is on the over-populated shelters in Southern Arizona. 


The dogs in our care are fully vetted, come with training support and everything is covered for our fosters! 


Rescue - Foster - Adopt  -  Donate  -  Rehabilitate

501(c)(3) non-profit organization 



10 Years Young - Staff
Tucson, AZ 
Adoption fee: $200
(includes spay, vaccinations, microchip)


A peak into what Hope is really like away from the scary world she struggles to see through those cataracts!

Hope is a super sweet and feisty senior puppy who is good with older kids, some dogs and cats. She’s a big time cuddle bug wanting nothing more than to lay in your lap being pet, follow you where ever you go and she absolutely loves kisses!


Hope prefers to be the alpha or only dog, and seems to have a soft spot for male dogs smaller than her. Because she’s sight impaired, she struggles a bit with new places and people and so will bark until she feels she’s safe.

Hope was brought in as a stray, emaciated, intact, with mammory masses and uncontrolled diabetes. When she came to Hope of Deliverance, she weighed a mere 40lbs, her BS’s were in the 600’s, she couldn’t get enough water or food and cried all night long for a couple of weeks. She would drink 4 bowls of water at a time, pee rivers and rivers all day long and would try to eat rocks and poop to cure her insatiable appetite.

Her insulin was adjusted several times and her food was increased to “that of a 90lb dog” at 4-1/2 cups daily. And through the support and love of our village and those several vet apts, her BS is now almost controlled, she will by pass the water dish and she’s finally gained 7lbs! You can really tell just how much she’s feeling better now as she gallops through the yard by your side.

Hope has been a great companion, but she has begun to become grumpy with her foster siblings and is very much ready for her turn at a forever home! Hopefully next vet apt gives her that chance.

Hope is taking applications for her forever home! Won’t you consider opening your doors and heart to this silly senior girl!?!

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