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Adopt Your New Best Friend! ​​​​

about us 

"Hope of deliverance from the darkness that surrounds us..."

-Paul McCartney 

Hope of Deliverance is dedicated to being the voice for the voiceless. Our mission is to partner with rural animal shelters, specifically those with low or no veterinary care available at the shelter, to save as many dogs as possible.


Hope of Deliverance provides "tops to tails" care for the dogs we tag from rural shelters without veterinary care. All dogs come fully vetted; microchipped, vaccinated, 4DX, fecal tested and spay/neutered. Any surgical procedures needed are covered as well. Our focus is on the over-populated and rural shelters in the southwest.


The dogs in our care are fully vetted, come with training support and everything is covered for our fosters! 

We always need new foster parents, so we can save more dogs. please

apply to become a foster today - we would love for you to join our community. we also need volunteers for transport and other assistance. 


Rescue - Foster - Adopt  - Donate -  Rehabilitate

501(c)(3) non-profit organization

2  Years old - Tucson, AZ 
Adoption fee: $200
(includes Neuter, vaccinations, microchip)

Introducing Homer, the Resilient and Loving Rescue Dog! 

Meet Homer, a truly extraordinary pooch who is searching for his perfect forever family! Homer feels most at ease when he's surrounded by his favorite people, both adults and kids alike. His heart is overflowing with love for every single person he's ever encountered, and once he falls for you, he falls hard. Prepare to be captivated by his endearing charm!

Homer has a talent for melting right into your arms, craving affection and showering you with adoration. His journey hasn't always been easy, and he carries a few insecurities when it comes to other dogs. However, in public settings, he handles himself like a true champ and remains calm and composed around his canine companions. While he doesn't seek conflict, he simply prefers to enjoy his own space without any doggy interruptions. After experiencing numerous transitions since his rescue, we're hoping Homer can find the stability and love he deserves with his forever family.

This incredible pup was rescued from a heartbreaking animal cruelty investigation in Big Springs, Texas. When we first laid eyes on him, he was already a brave tripod, gracefully adapting to life on three legs. Inside the comfort of a home, Homer moves around with ease, but we've also provided him with a wheelchair for added support. You won't believe the joy and freedom he exudes as he cruises around town, earning him the affectionate nickname "Hotwheels Homer." He's a true inspiration!

Rest assured, Homer is crate trained and has excellent potty manners. He's a quick learner who is eager to please, making him an absolute joy to care for. But what truly sets Homer apart is his indomitable spirit and unwavering resilience. Despite the hardships he has faced, he remains a shining example of love and loyalty.

We can't stress enough how incredibly special Homer is, and we're desperately hoping to find him a forever home where he can thrive and bring joy to his new family. After everything he's been through, he truly deserves a place to call his own—a place where he can experience the warmth and security he so deeply craves.

If you're ready to open your heart and home to this remarkable companion, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Head over to our adoption application at to take the first step towards making Homer a cherished member of your family. The adoption fee for this remarkable dog is $250. Homer is currently located in Tucson, AZ, eagerly awaiting the day he can find his forever family.

Together, let's give Homer the loving home he has been longing for. Adopt him today and witness the transformative power of unconditional love.

Proud PetCo Love Partner! 



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