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Lucky - 2 years old
Lucky - 2 years old

Melonie - 2 years old
Melonie - 2 years old

Lamb Chop - 8 years old
Lamb Chop - 8 years old

Lucky - 2 years old
Lucky - 2 years old

about us 

"Hope of deliverance from the darkness that surrounds us..."

-Paul McCartney 

Hope of Deliverance is dedicated to being the voice for the voiceless. Our mission is to partner with rural animal shelters, specifically those with low or no veterinary care available at the shelter, to save as many dogs as possible.we aim to do so by tightening the rescue community. 


Hope of Deliverance will provide preventative care to these shelters, such as funding for vaccinations, microchips, and spay and neuter procedures directly at the shelter before adoption, as well as this care for the dogs we pull from the shelter who go into our foster homes. Our focus is on the over-populated shelters in New York, Southern Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. 


Our goal is to aide in the prevention of increased canine population by raising funds for spay and neuter procedures and by spreading awareness with educational seminars. These seminars will target community awareness of overpopulation and educate owners to create responsible, healthy, companionship with their furry family member!


Rescue  Ÿ-  Foster  -Ÿ  Adopt  -Ÿ  Donate  Ÿ-  Rehabilitate

501(c)(3) non-profit organization 

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Our life saving rate is 100%!

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Dog of the week
1 years old - Staff Mix

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T!” Isn’t Aretha stunning? 


She loves other dogs so far, is potty trained, crate trained and very friendly. She has had some training and you can tell that when she is in the yard the way she will come and sit by you when she is done with her business.


She doesn't jump on you, most of the time and knows when you put your hand out for her to stay down or you turn your back to her; she knows what it means and instantly sits next to you. She is learning to play with toys, loves chewing on the bones.


Aretha has a very exuberant/wild side. It only happens when she is coming out or going into her crate, and she will get so excited she will break your arm if you are no careful. She NEEDS a yard and a very ACTIVE family.


She is the happiest girl in town!

Location: Tucson, AZ

Adoption fee: $200