adoptable dogs

This album contains dogs that we have in foster care. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please fill out an adoption application. If you are renting, landlord information will have to be provided. all adoptions require a home check to ensure the safety of our dogs. all resident pets require a meet and greet by one of our volunteers with the dog you want to adopt.  all of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on their age appropriate vaccinations and microchipped.

Puppies 6 months and under are required to take 6 weeks of Puppy Classes that are included in the adoption fee at the Complete Canine in Tucson, AZ.  

Adoption fees

puppies (12 weeks - 6 months):                              $250

young adult/adult dogs (7 months - 7 years):      $200

golden year dogs (8 years+):                                  $175

adoptable dogs

Cindy Lou Who 
7 Months Old - Mutt-i-Gree

Cindy Lou Who.jpg

Cindy Lou Who is the sweetest girl who really deserves a happily-ever-after after all she's been through.

She was found thrown from a car in Mexico, and recovered from parasites, a double entropian eye surgery, and has an upcoming FHO to repair her femur. 

After all of this, she is happy and healthy and needs a forever family to love! She is dog and kid friendly, but would be happy as your one and only, too. She is really laid back and calm! 

10 years Young- Mutt-i-Gree


Found on the streets of Mexico drinking his own urine with glaucoma so bad, his eyes had to be removed, Chili now knows the love of a real roof over his head and love surrounding him in his foster home. 

From his foster:

“Chiltepin is a sweet old soul & has been crowned “the goodest of good boys”. When you’re around him, your heart can’t help but melt into a puddle. He is very gentle & quiet, simply wanting a bone, a warm spot in the sun on a comfy bed inside or out, & time to get his old joints moving. Once up, he loves to explore & gets around quite well despite being blind. 

Chiltepin does great in a crate at night & will wait patiently to be let out to do his business. For being a street dog, this boy has certainly mastered the house broken life very quickly! He loves to snuggle & will often search for my scent, greeting me with a wagging tail as he leans against me for extra scratches.  

Chiltepin is intrigued by the smell of cats, letting out a hearty “Bow-wow”, but then resumes his nap unbothered. He doesn’t mind dogs of any size, though over all seems to prefer to do his own thing & be with his person. He hasn’t quite figured out that as a male he’s not supposed to be such a great listener, but we won’t tell him that! I’m sure he has way too many of his own war stories, yet he doesn’t mind listening to all of yours instead in exchange for some head scratches! 

Chiltepin is by far the easiest of companions & is just missing his soulmate to spend the rest of his golden years with.”

10 years young - Mutt-i-Gree


Hope was taken in from PACC and into foster with other dogs and cats, who she gets along great with! 

She does have diabetes and is partially blind in both eyes due to her diabetes, but she doesn't know any different. She only wants to be with you all of the time and feel the love she was never given the opportunity to have. 

Hope takes her insulin twice a day like a champ with no problems and she loves adventures and walks! 

Hope is also available for our "Golden Pals" program, where she can be permanently fostered through our rescue by anyone over the age of 65 who would like a companion. We provide all of the supplies and vet appointments! 

9 months old- Mutt-i-Gree


From Harry's Fosters:

“Harry is very friendly with other dogs, no matter their size. He is full of energy and would follow you anywhere you go. He is an adorable pup who just wants your unconditional love!”

Harry was crossed himself over the Mexico boarder into the US, and now he’s waiting for his forever family! 

Lady Madonna 
2 years old - Mutt-i-Gree

Lady Madonna_edited.jpg

"Lady Madonna, children at your feet..."

Literally, this is how we found Lady Madonna, A Mexico street dog who the Mexico rescuers were helping nurse back to health as her emaciated body was nursing her puppies. The photos are too graphic to post, but we cannot believe she is alive to tell the tale.

Lady is very dog friendly and actually does great with respectful kids, too! She requires a home with a confident dog and lots of patience, as she takes time to trust and warm up to you.

If we do not have a dog in our care that fits your lifestyle, please visit the website of these rescue organizations that we highly recommend! 


Cherished Tails 

Senior Sanctuary