adoptable dogs

This album contains dogs that we have in foster care. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please fill out an adoption application. If you are renting, landlord information will have to be provided. all adoptions require a home check to ensure the safety of our dogs. all resident pets require a meet and greet by one of our volunteers with the dog you want to adopt.  all of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on their age appropriate vaccinations and microchipped.
Puppies 6 months and under are required to take 6 weeks of Puppy Classes that are included in the adoption fee at the Complete Canine in Tucson, AZ.  

If you do not have a specific dog in mind, Please feel free to submit an application with a general idea of what dog you are looking for for your lifestyle, and we will be sure to help find you a great match! 

Adoption fees

puppies (12 weeks - 6 months):                              $250

young adult/adult dogs (7 months - 7 years):      $200

golden year dogs (8 years+):                                  $175

adoptable dogs

10 years young - Staff Mix


A peak into what Hope is really like away from the scary world she struggles to see through those cataracts!

Hope is a super sweet and feisty senior puppy who is good with older kids, some dogs and cats. She’s a big time cuddle bug wanting nothing more than to lay in your lap being pet, follow you where ever you go and she absolutely loves kisses!


Hope prefers to be the alpha or only dog, and seems to have a soft spot for male dogs smaller than her. Because she’s sight impaired, she struggles a bit with new places and people and so will bark until she feels she’s safe.

Hope was brought in as a stray, emaciated, intact, with mammory masses and uncontrolled diabetes. When she came to Hope of Deliverance, she weighed a mere 40lbs, her BS’s were in the 600’s, she couldn’t get enough water or food and cried all night long for a couple of weeks. She would drink 4 bowls of water at a time, pee rivers and rivers all day long and would try to eat rocks and poop to cure her insatiable appetite.

Her insulin was adjusted several times and her food was increased to “that of a 90lb dog” at 4-1/2 cups daily. And through the support and love of our village and those several vet apts, her BS is now almost controlled, she will by pass the water dish and she’s finally gained 7lbs! You can really tell just how much she’s feeling better now as she gallops through the yard by your side.

Hope has been a great companion, but she has begun to become grumpy with her foster siblings and is very much ready for her turn at a forever home! Hopefully next vet apt gives her that chance.

Hope is taking applications for her forever home! Won’t you consider opening your doors and heart to this silly senior girl!?!

6 months old - Jack Russell /Chihuahua 


“Hello from Bayou, aka Napoleon!  

When my foster mom bought me home, I took one look at my foster siblings and I started barking. I wanted them to know I was in charge! Pretty soon everyone was barking! When Mom said enough we all got quiet. Mom says I am 300 pounds of terror trapped in a 9 1/2 pound body. She says she is just joking about that and I am really a good boy!  

I love playing with my foster siblings; so if my forever home had a sibling for me to play with that would be awesome! I also like playing with toys, so lots of toys would be great! Mom says to tell you we don’t have cats here so I don’t know if I like them or not. We also don’t have little humans here. We do have a cranky old man; he sometimes growls at me when I try to play with him.  

When Mom had me to the doctor, she was told that I am about 6 months old. So I do have some things to learn stlll. I do know how to go outside to potty most of the time. And Mom is teaching me how to walk on a leash. I like walks but I have short legs so we can’t walk real fast.  

The last thing Mom said to tell you is that sometimes I fart and it’s stinky; I don’t know what she means by that.”

Jack Lemmon
13 years old - Chihuahua 

Jack Lemmon.jpg

Our sweet old man Jack was found by a little girl walking with her mom. He was in a bush on a very hot Tucson day, and we aren’t sure how long he was alone, because he has cataracts and cannot see very well. She was super dehydrated and he had holes in his gum line from dental disease. 

Jack had surgery to repair his fistulas. He was neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, had bloodwork done and even had a fecal (clear!).

He’s so affectionate, enjoys a quiet home and gets along with both dogs and cats. 

We know people never rush to adopt a senior, but he is so worth it! 

Jack is also available as a permanent foster through our “Golden Pals” program! 


6 months old - Chihuahua Mix


Pssssssst…Wanna know why we gave Figaro her name? Just ask her to sing! 

Seriously, this girl will keep you entertained with her endless songs. Figaro dodged the e-list at a shelter with a very low capacity. She has found herself very comfortable with the dogs and cats in her foster home, and now she’s ready to spread her wings! 

If you have a confident buddy for her - dog or cat, that is a huge plus. 

1 year old - Aussie Mix


Did you say FREEDOM?!? This free spirited, goofball Collie Mix heard all the hubbub about “build the wall” and decided if he couldn’t outrunning boarder patrol, he could certainly swoon them with his beauty! And did he ever! 

At just 1 year old, Hawkins knew he needed help and decided to take matters into his own hands by jumping the border to find just that! Lucky for him, his plans worked and just in the nick of time! After a few days of beauty sleep, a nice bath and a grooming to make sure there was really just one dog in there.. he was off to the vet’s! There it was found this 48.8lb Fabian-want-a-be was 10lbs underweight, suffering from tick fever, hookworm, roundworm and giardia! Our border jumper needed help fast!!

Hawkins is a very playful puppy who loves to run around with his stuffies, chase balls and play tug of war. He gets along great with other dogs and would be fine with kids, but has some energy. He’s mostly housebroken, sleeps great in a crate and just loves his doggie companions! He’s still learning how to play gently so may do best with older kiddos. Hawkins hopes his new family with have a yard for his daily zoomies and will take him on lots of walks/runs. If you’re looking for a playful companion, look no further! This stunning boy is sure to win your heart! 

HOD will sponsor basic training classes at the Complete Canine.

3 months old - Shepherd Mix


“My name is Hamilton and I am pretty new to this whole being a dog thing. I didn't have the most amazing first few weeks since I was tied up to a pole with twine in Mexico, but at least some nice people fed me scraps. 

I kind of think I may never have food, so I eat really fast, but I'm working on my table manners. Apparently you're not supposed to chew on people and you go potty outside; I'm still learning how that all works! 

I really like nylabones, more than people for snacks, so I think I'll be alright. I love laps and having my ears rubbed and I definitely like to sleep. 

I'm starting to learn to play with other dogs, and I think there is this other creature that they call a cat, but they are pretty confusing and I'm not sure I like them. 

I really would love some more one on one time so I can be good and a nice lap to nap in. Oh, and nylabones, I need those.”

If we do not have a dog in our care that fits your lifestyle, please visit the website of these rescue organizations that we highly recommend! 


Cherished Tails 

Senior Sanctuary