adoptable dogs

This album contains dogs that we have in foster care. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please fill out an adoption application. If you are renting, landlord information will have to be provided. all adoptions require a home check to ensure the safety of our dogs. all resident pets require a meet and greet by one of our volunteers with the dog you want to adopt.  all of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on their age appropriate vaccinations and microchipped.

Puppies 6 months and under are required to take 6 weeks of Puppy Classes that are included in the adoption fee at the Complete Canine in Tucson, AZ.  

Adoption fees

puppies (12 weeks - 6 months):                              $250

young adult/adult dogs (7 months - 7 years):      $200

golden year dogs (8 years+):                                  $175

adoptable dogs

Sheila E. 

3 Years old - German Shepherd

Blanche Devereaux 
3 years old  - Mutt-i-gree


Sheila E. is a gorgeous German Shepherd who was saved off of the euthanasia list for overcrowding at the shelter.   Sheila is a typical Shepherd girl, who loves to be right next to her human. In typical Shepherd fashion, so a 6 ft. fence/wall is necessary for this girl. 


Sheila is crate trained, and she loves her bed. Sheila would prefer to be the only pet in your home, but vet visits, walks, etc. would not be a problem.  she is great socially with others on leash.


You will fall in love with Sheila the minute you meet her!

Mama Blanche is a very special case. 

Found on the streets of Mexico where witnesses saw kids hitting her in the face until her jaw was broken, then hit by a car, Mama made her way to us thanks to Sindi who saved her. 

If that didn’t make matters worse, Mama had tick fever and TVT, a sexually transmitted cancer. 

She went through chemo and beat tick fever, all while having leg surgery for her broken leg. 

Mama is an absolute gem, and although she likes having her home all to herself, aside from puppies, she has the personality of ten dogs! 

She is crate and house trained as well! 

Truffle & Coconut 

bonded pair - Mother & Daughter 

Peter Frampton 

8 years old  - Pocket Pibble

Coconut and Truffle.jpg

Meet the CocoNuts – This mom-and-daughter bonded pair are 30 pounds each of joy and affection! 

Mom Coconut has a beautiful reddish brindle coat and just loves lots of petting, treats and snacks. She is the calmer of the two, but don’t be fooled – she will eagerly engage in endless hours of play with her daughter. And that would be the high-spirited, full-of-mischief Truffle, who is about one-year-old. This beautiful blondie will have you laughing non-stop with her goofy antics. She’s super smart and learns commands quickly. Be prepared for her to take a flying leap into your lap to pretend she’s a cuddling kitty-cat for a moment. 

They are close to the same size, so watching them play-fight will have you guffawing out loud at their puppy-like takedowns. 

They are potty-trained and perfectly happy to share a kennel to sleep in or while you’re out for a bit. 

They love their walks, and we are working on getting them to walk nicely on the leash. 

Sometimes less is more – but in this case, two dogs is way better than one!

Peter Frampton is one of those dogs that you meet and you instantly fall in love. 

This boy arrived with some clear signs of neglect, including ulcerated eyes and heart worm, but he is feelin' stronger every day, and he finished treatment like a champ! 

Frampton has a double entropic eye surgery coming up, and after that, he can go to his forever home! 


3 years old  - Pibble Mix 


1 year old  - Shepherd / Staff Mix 


All of you remember Estrella, who was adopted a few months ago? Well, this beautiful girl is back with us at no fault of her own. The older male dog in the home was not settling well with her being there. So, she is back with us, and looking for her real forever!

 Estrella is kid friendly, crate trained, house trained, very playful, and super affectionate!  

Estrella would love a home as an only spoiled furry family member. 

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T!” Isn’t Aretha stunning? 

She loves other dogs so far, is potty trained, crate trained and very friendly. She has had some training and you can tell that when she is in the yard the way she will come and sit by you when she is done with her business. 

She doesn't jump on you, most of the time and knows when you put your hand out for her to stay down or your turn your back to her; she knows what it means and instantly sits next to you. She is learning to play with toys, loves chewing on the bones. 

Aretha has a very exuberant/wild side. It only happens when she is coming out or going into her crate, and she will get so excited she will break your arm if you are no careful. She NEEDS a yard and a very ACTIVE family. She would LOVE a home with another playful dog!

She is the happiest girl in town!

Nutter Butter
11 months old - Boxer Mix

11 months old - Husky/Staffie Mix 

Nutter Butter is the most gorgeous girl you will ever meet. This 1 year old sweetheart was adopted back in November. She was the most well-rounded girl we had in a foster home, running and playing with her fur siblings. When she was adopted, she wasn’t given any puppy training and was only thrown into doggy daycare where she didn’t learn proper etiquette. 

Nutter is crate and potty trained. She excelled at basic training. She will have to be an only dog, but does well on-leash around others for vet appts, etc.! 

Nutter LOVES kids and used to sleep on the 5 year olds foot of the bed at night. Nutter is also an incredible hiking companion. 

This girl needs a home with dogs her size or larger, kids 10+ (as she wants to play with smaller ones), and no cats. 

Indie is super affectionate, active and has a great temperament. She would make a great running or hiking partner! 

If you have an active lifestyle, and would like to give Indie a home, please fill out an app today! 

Stevie Ray Vaughan 
1 year old - Mutt-I-Gree

3 years old - Mutt-I-Gree

Stevie was saved off of the euthanasia list due to a lack of space. This little guy, at most 40lbs, is a little skiddish at first, but once he warms up to you, you’re his best friend. 

He’s extremely playful and would ideally be adopted into a home with another dog to help him gain confidence. When he’s around another dog, he blossoms into the dog we know he is. 

Stevie comes with training at the Complete Canine, which he can begin with his adopter to create a stronger bond! 

Emmy is the cutest little Pibble ever! Her son, Flynn, was adopted and Emmy has been patiently waiting for her forever couch!

If you want a super affectionate adventure partner, this is your girl! Although she’s great on leash around other dogs, she would prefer to be the only furry resident, however, she would do well with kids!

Carly Simon
9 months old - Staffie Mix 

Captain Jack
4 years old - Mutt-I-Gree

Carly is a fun-loving girl who loves learning! She definitely needs a home with another dog, and although she’s 40lbs, she’s full of energy, so a home with kids 10+ is ideal. 

Carly is crate and potty trained!

She has completed puppy training and is very eager to please. This girl would make a great co-pilot in your life! 

We recently took Jack in under our rescue wing from another rescue. 

This boy has fought every battle you can imagine. He is the most special dog in the world. 

Jack has Myasthenia Gravis, a rare condition that causes a communication breakdown between nerves and muscles. This rapid fatigue causes Jack to have a very unsteady walk, although he feels like he’s the most normal dog in the room.

To add to this, Jack also has Megaesophagus, a condition where his esophagus lacks muscle tone and mobility, making the food unable to reach the stomach. 

Jack has the most incredible, dedicated foster in the entire world. If Jack had someone just as dedicated, he could find a forever home, but for now, he’s comfortable and happy!

 7 months old - Chihuahua 

George Harrison
9 months old - Mutt-I-Gree

Bento is an acrobat. 

No, seriously, wait until you see some video footage of how talented this youngster is!

It’s believed by the neurologist that Bento had womb restriction; as with any stray, you never know how big dad was, and mama was lucky to squeeze out those pups. However, we are waiting on official results from bloodwork to confirm that. 

Bento walks on two legs, with the other two in the air. To him, this is life as normal since the day he was born - he knows no different. 

Bento loves other dogs, and will play with some as well! He is also great with kids and cats!

Load up your dog sling and let this boy cruise next to you. The moment you meet him, you wonder how you ever lived life without him. 

Ever heard of a dog getting hit by a train, and not only surviving, but only losing a leg in the process? Well, you have now!

Georgie is a miracle. 

He’s a little skittish at first, but who wouldn’t be? After a few treats, and a few hours, he’s ready to be your best friend! 

George would do best in a home with an older dog or a more confident dog fo show him the ropes! No cats, please! 

bruce (currently unavailable)

3 years old -  pibble

bruce was found shot in the middle of the desert, lying next to his deceased female companion.  he has stranger-danger, understandably, and will be going through training to help him overcome his pstd. check back for updates on bruce, as he will be available for adoption when he is healthy! 

If we do not have a dog in our care that fits your lifestyle, please visit the website of these rescue organizations that we highly recommend! 


Cherished Tails 

Senior Sanctuary