adoptable dogs

This album contains dogs that we have in foster care. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please fill out an adoption application. If you are renting, landlord information will have to be provided. all adoptions require a home check to ensure the safety of our dogs. all resident pets require a meet and greet by one of our volunteers with the dog you want to adopt.  all of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on their age appropriate vaccinations and microchipped.

Puppies 6 months and under are required to take 6 weeks of Puppy Classes that are included in the adoption fee at the Complete Canine in Tucson, AZ.  

Adoption fees

puppies (12 weeks - 6 months):                              $250

young adult/adult dogs (7 months - 7 years):      $200

golden year dogs (8 years+):                                  $175

adoptable dogs

3 years old - Mutt-I-Gree

Emmy is the cutest little Pibble ever!


Her son, Flynn, was adopted and Emmy has been patiently waiting for her forever couch!

If you want a super affectionate adventure partner, this is your girl! She’s great with dogs and kids of all sizes! She does great on walks, at the vet, in the car and everything in between.

Emmy is the ideal family dog! 

Carly Simon 
1.5 years old - Mutt-I-Gree

A few things we have learned about Carly:

1.) Carly is dog selective and has prey drive. No small dogs or cats, even though, she’s small herself. 

2.) Carly will do best with a large male dog to “put her in her line,” so to speak, during play, etc. 

3.) She will do best with an owner who can also firmly “put her in her place,” gently so to speak, as well. In other words she NEEDS structure and consistency.

4.) She can go to an only dog home. Her human issues were that of puppyhood and are no more. She is delicate, easy and respectful with people - a total mush. 

5.) We will do a one month adoption trial for whomever adopts her so she can truly settle in, as any potential issues with a resident dog usually happen at about one month. 

Carly will benefit from an owner who likes walks, runs or even hikes. She loves car rides and is a total dream on leash and in public. She just needs an owner with a strong backbone who wants to learn and bond together over her growth. This girl is medium sized at 35lbs and 1.5 years old.

One thing is for certain, this girl is fun and she’s a spicy little nugget to add to your life! She has been perfect at her foster home and loves the reading book to relax!

2 years old - Husky/Shepherd Mix 

“Hi I'm Nikita

I love to chase butterflies and lounge in kiddie pools.

I'm a playful white husky/Shepherd mix. 

I get along great with my foster brothers, however I'm not getting along with my sisters. 

I need a home where I'm the only female in the house. 
I would do best in a house with a big back yard or a very active apartment lifestyle!


1 year old - Shepherd Mix 

If we do not have a dog in our care that fits your lifestyle, please visit the website of these rescue organizations that we highly recommend! 


Cherished Tails 

Senior Sanctuary 


Goldie is the happiest, most playful girl in the room! We had Goldie with us as a puppy and her owners returned her, for reasons still unknown to us, but nothing to do with Goldie herself. 

Goldie spent a few days decompressing in a way we aren’t used to - instead of being depressed, she seemed to have gained energy and couldn’t settle. Now she has a routine, is a lot calmer with a nice game of fetch and is as happy as a clam! 

Goldie is going to go through basic training, and she could benefit going with her adopter. She was also used to being home with a baby that she’s known since she was 8 weeks old, and now shes lost her little human, too.

Goldie will benefit from an active family, one who enjoys walks and fetch and one with children would be a huge bonus, too!