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adoptable dogs

This album contains dogs that we have in foster care. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please fill out an adoption application. If you are renting, landlord information will have to be provided. all adoptions require a home check to ensure the safety of our dogs. all resident pets require a meet and greet by one of our volunteers with the dog you want to adopt.  all of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on their age appropriate vaccinations and microchipped.
Whatever additional medical and training needed for them is also included in their adoption fee; each dog receives tops-to-tail care! Puppies 6 months and under are required to take 6 weeks of Puppy Classes that are included in the adoption fee at the Complete Canine in Tucson, AZ.  

If you do not have a specific dog in mind, Please feel free to submit an application with a general idea of what dog you are looking for for your lifestyle, and we will be sure to help find you a great match! 

Adoption fees
puppies (12 weeks - 6 months):                              $250
young adult/adult dogs (7 months - 7 years):      $200
Large Breed Adults (7 months - 7 years):                $250

golden year dogs (8 years+):                                  $175

adoptable dogs

A & A.jpeg

Apollo & Aphrodite 

Apollo & Aphrodite, a tale we have to tell for you to believe.

We happened to have transported a group of dogs from Dallas to Tucson, when we pulled over in El Paso to catch some sleep. Little did we know, we’d wake up with two dogs running around the parking lot, begging people for affection even more-so than food. The attendant let us know they had been there for awhile.

We threw one of the 90lbs pups on our lap to fit these two in a crate in the van, and as crammed as we were, made it to Tucson. Scanned for Chips and no one was found. As much as they love people, they had obviously been dumped.

These two are like frick and frack. They love all of the 5 resident dogs, from 30 to 110lbs. They play, relax and snuggle together! Anyone who adopts these two will hit the jackpot! 

Apollo is the darker male around 65lbs. Aphrodite is the lighter colored female at 55lbs. 

We generally do not have bonded pairs, but these two are legitimately bonded and we know they have a forever out there! 

If we do not have a dog in our care that fits your lifestyle, please visit the website of these rescue organizations that we highly recommend! 


Cherished Tails 

Senior Sanctuary 

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