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In honor of Betty White and her 100th birthday (yes, we think the world collectively has agreed she made it to the honorary 100 anyway) we are thrilled to announce a new program we are starting called "The Golden Pals!"

What are "The Golden Pals," you may ask?

The idea came from inspiration from the cat rescue, PAWS, where people over the age of 65 who live independently and would like pet companionship, but do not have the finances to be a pet owner, can apply to permanently foster a healthier older dog!

Hope of Deliverance would be the owners of the dog, and provide supplies, food and vet visits. This also keeps senior pups out of the shelter and into a comfortable home.

Everyone deserves companionship.

Please Fill out a foster application and check the "Golden Pals" box for this program! 

Please submit an application so we can find you a dog for the golden pals program! 

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